Summer 2024 Tuition and Fees Tables

  • Financial aid will be widely available for summer 2024. For year-round information about tuition and fees, please visit the Office of Financial Aid web resource.
  • Undergraduate Colorado residents may apply for the College Opportunity Fund (COF) stipend.
  • Base tuition is reduced by 30 percent for undergraduate nonresidents; see the Non-Resident Tuition and Fees PDF linked below.


Staff in the Office of Financial Aid provide assistance with questions about:

  • Tuition, fees, and overall costs,
  • When aid will be applied to a student account,
  • Summer financial aid options,
  • Billing, and
  • The Flexible Payment Plan for summer tuition.

Summer Non-Resident Undergraduate Tuition Rate

The non-resident undergraduate base tuition for summer is reduced by 30 percent from the fall and spring rates. This base tuition rate for non-resident undergraduates applies to:

  • Degree-seeking students of the main campus who are enrolled through RAMweb for face-to-face, hybrid and/or summer online course sections.
  • Degree-seeking students of CSU Online taking face-to-face or hybrid summer course sections for which they are enrolled through RAMweb.
  • Visiting/Summer-Only students taking main campus undergraduate courses.

Please see Non-Resident Tuition and Fees (PDF).

The reduced non-resident undergraduate tuition rate does not apply to:

  • CSU Online courses (taken by degree-seeking CSU Online students and non-degree-seeking students who register through CSU Online).
  • Graduate students
  • WUE students

Costs Beyond Base Tuition

The following fees are included in the resident and non-resident tuition tables:

  • Alternative Transportation Fee
  • University Facility Fee
  • University General Fees
  • University Technology Fee

The fees below are not included in the tuition tables and apply in specific circumstances.

  • Charges for Technology
  • Differential Tuition
  • Special Course Fees


This fee is included in the tuition tables above for resident and nonresidents. Learn more at: Alternative Transportation Fee.

Technology fees are based on a student’s declared primary major/program to support college technology needs for students.

  • Differential tuition assessment may apply to on-campus and online courses.
  • Differential tuition is charged to students according to the specific courses they take after they have reached a specified number of credit hours.
  • Additional information is available on the Office of Financial Aid’s Differential Tuition resource.

These fees are charged for specific courses or programs and are listed by subject and course number or program.

General Fees appear in the Tuition and Fees tables for residents and nonresidents above. These fees support general student services on campus. Additional information is available on the Financial Aid website in the Summer 2024 General Fees Schedule (PDF).