Staff in the Office of Financial Aid provide assistance with questions about tuition and fees, summer financial aid options, and when aid will be applied to student accounts.

Tuition and Fees Tables

Tuition and fees information for Summer Session is linked to the Office of Financial Aid’s comprehensive Tuition and Fees resource page.

Online credits are not assessed General Fees or the Transportation fee unless requested. Learn more.

2020 Summer Nonresident Award

Summer Nonresident Award

For Summer Session 2020, nonresident undergraduate CSU students enrolled through the main campus will receive a flat-rate Summer Nonresident Award of $1,000 if:

  • They are undergraduates enrolled in three or more online credits, and
  • They are degree-seeking seeking students of the main campus (vs. CSU Online), and
  • They enroll through RAMweb for online course sections in the 400-499 series.

Please note:

  • Students who have WUE will receive this award as long as they meet eligibility criteria.
  • Face-to-face course tuition will be assessed at the nonresident rate.

The tuition award does not apply to:

  • Graduate students
  • Summer-Only students
  • INTO students, and
  • Students enrolled through CSU Online.

Additional Information About Costs

Understanding Additional Costs

Technology fees are based on a student’s declared primary major/program to support college technology needs for students.

  • Differential tuition assessment may apply to on-campus and online courses.
  • Differential tuition is charged to students according to the specific courses they take after they have reached a specified number of credit hours.
  • Additional information is available on the Office of Financial Aid website.
  • General fees and the Alternative Transportation fee are not assessed for online courses for:
    • Degree-seeking CSU students, and
    • Summer-Only students.

Please note:  A student taking only online courses may request to be charged General Fees if they want access to resources such as Campus Recreation and the Health Network.

Please contact staff in the Registrar’s Office to learn more about this option.

These fees are charged for specific courses or programs if applicable.