CSU Summer is home to credit-bearing courses, Accelerated Programs, and the K-12 Summer Programs Portal. Enrolled CSU students and visiting (“Summer-Only”) students are welcome to take classes in person and online through CSU Summer Session. With over 1,700 course sections, the 4-, 8-, 12-week and additional-length terms allow students to focus deeply on fewer classes. Students may study at the CSU Mountain Campus, complete an AUCC course, internship, work on a major or minor, or try something new. Degree-seeking students can pursue one of 31 current accelerated programs and graduate in 3-3.5 years by taking summer courses. K-12 summer programs are available for pre-kindergarten through high school students in a variety of academic areas and sports. Explore, experience, and expand through CSU Summer!

Learn about the advantages and financial benefits of participating in CSU summer session courses.
View or download our accessible and interactive Summer Session 2023 information sheet.

Summer Session 2023 Announcements

  • Registration begins Tuesday, March 21, 2023 and continues on a space-available basis through the schedule change period for each  course.
  • The Summer Session 2023 schedule will be available Tuesday, January 3, 2023 at Courses at a Glance and in RAMweb.
    • In the meantime, Courses at a Glance provides an easy way to search Summer 2022 courses.
      • Course offerings stay fairly consistent each summer, though times and instructors may change.
    • The Summer Session 2022 schedule is also available through the Class Schedule and in RAMweb.
  • Financial aid will be widely available regardless of residency.
  • CSU Summertime Savings:
    • Colorado resident undergraduates with financial need may benefit from increased funding for CSU Tuition Assistance Grants.
    • Non-resident undergraduates registered through RAMweb receive a 30% base tuition reduction for Summer Session 2023.
    • The Flexible Payment Plan is available for summer courses.
    • On- and off-campus jobs are plentiful and flexible.
    • Prorated on-campus housing: Pay only for the time you stay.

Summer Session 2023 Terms

CSU Summer Session 2023 Term Schedule: 4-week terms: May 15-June 11, June 12-July 9, and July 10-August 6; 8-week terms: May 15-July 9 and June 12-August 6; 12-week term: May 15-August 6; Additional terms of varying lengths.
CSU Summer Session 2023 Term Schedule: 4-week terms: May 15-June 11, June 12-July 9, and July 10-August 6; 8-week terms: May 15-July 9 and June 12-August 6; 12-week term: May 15-August 6; Additional terms of varying lengths.

CSU Mountain Campus Courses

The beautiful CSU Mountain Campus — 90 minutes up the scenic Poudre Canyon — is just next door, but a world away. It is the summer home for courses open to all majors, and many courses specifically for students pursuing majors in the Warner College of Natural Resources. The following courses and programs are open to all students:

  • Basic Outdoor Skills in Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology (FW-111, hybrid course)
  • Nature Immersion and Well-Being (NRRT 280) – updated flyer available soon!)
  • Environmental  Humanities is offered by the College of Liberal Arts and includes Art in Forest Systems (ART 3XX), Literature of the Earth (E 339), Environmental History of Colorado (HIST 3XX), and Environmental Ethics (PHIL 345). Students may take any or all of the two-week, three-credit courses. Experience learning at 9,000 feet!

Explore the CSU Mountain Campus website and Summer Courses at the CSU Mountain Campus.

Important Information by Student Type

Students seeking a CSU degree

Taking an online class? CSU students of the main campus register for online classes through RAMweb, rather than CSU Online.

  • No need to complete a summer application.
  • Registration begins Tuesday, March 21, 2023 at noon.
    • Registration continues on a space-available basis until classes begin and extends through the schedule change period.
  • The interactive course listings for Summer Session 2022 courses are available for view by subject, term within summer session, and All-University Core Curriculum (AUCC) courses. It is easy to filter by face-to-face, hybrid and online courses.
    • Summer Session 2023 courses will be available in January 3, 2023.
  • Courses may also be viewed in RAMweb.

Non-Resident Base Tuition is reduced by 30% in Summer 2023. The reduction applies to all credits and delivery methods with registration through RAMweb (face-to-face, hybrid, and online ). For additional details please visit: 2022 Nonresident Tuition; please check back for 2023 rates later this fall.
Please note: This reduction does not apply to WUE recipients, graduate students and INTO students.

  • Students applying to a degree program including campus-based classes beginning Summer Session 2023 apply through the Office of Admissions.

Visiting students who are not seeking a CSU degree

  • Visiting students who are not a seeking a degree at CSU and take face-to-face classes, or a combination of face-to-face and online classes, are “Summer-Only” students.
  • For information about the easy application, transferring credits, and prerequisites, please visit the resource page for “Summer-Only” students.