CSU Summer staff will be working remotely through fall semester 2020. Please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

Colorado State University is actively monitoring the status of COVID-19, also called novel coronavirus, with the health and well-being of our community firmly in mind. This page will be updated as new information is available. To learn more about the university’s response to and the prevention efforts, please visit the Colorado State University COVID-19 resource.

Important Information by Student Type

Students seeking a CSU degree

Taking an online class? CSU Main Campus students register for online classes through RAMweb, rather than CSU Online. Online section numbers begin with a “4” as in 401, 402, etc.

  • No need to complete a summer application.
  • Registration begins at noon on Tuesday, March 24, 2020.
    • Registration continues on a space-available basis until classes begin and extends through the schedule change period.
  • The interactive course listings for Summer Session 2020 campus and online courses are available for view by subject, term within Summer Session, online courses, and All-University Core Curriculum (AUCC) courses.
  • Courses are also available for viewing in RAMweb.

Summer Nonresident Award: In summer session 2020, nonresident undergraduates (admitted to a regular-instruction main campus degree program) who are enrolled through RAMweb in at least 3 online credits for the summer will be eligible for a flat rate Summer Non-Resident Award of $1,000. For additional details please visit: Nonresident Award information.

Please note:

  • Graduate students and INTO students will not be eligible for the Summer Nonresident Award.
  • Students who have WUE will receive this award as long as they meet eligibility criteria.

Learn about CSU Online’s undergraduate and graduate degree programsView courses and register through CSU Online’s website.

Students applying to a degree program including campus-based classes beginning Summer Session 2021 must apply through the Office of Admissions.

Students not seeking a CSU degree

No application needed! View courses, and register through CSU Online’s website.

For assistance, contact CSU Online staff.

Students who are not a seeking a degree at CSU and take face-to-face classes, or  a combination of face-to-face and online classes, are “Summer-Only” students.

For information about the easy application, transferring credits, and prerequisites, please visit the resource page for “Summer-Only” students.