Schedule Change and Course Withdrawal Periods

Add/Drop and Withdrawal Deadlines Arrive Quickly in Summer!

The summer session add/drop and withdrawal windows close more quickly than in fall and spring semesters due to the shorter summer terms. The add/drop windows are the same percentage of semester for all semesters. The shorter the semester or course period, the fewer days to drop the course. For example, the add/drop period ends the first Wednesday of class for the standard first, second, and third four-week terms.

Know your section number in RAMweb

  • 40X Sections typically are online classes for students of the main campus.
  • 001, 002 and other numeric sections typically are face-to-face or hybrid instruction methods.
  • 80X sections are online classes for students of CSU Online.

Main Campus Courses

For details about the financial impact of course cancellation, add/drop, and withdrawal by each term, see Tuition Assessment Deadlines.

  • The last day to apply for Repeat/Repair for the summer term is July 28, 2024.
  • The Registrar’s Office website provides in-depth information about Registration Changes.

Online Courses

Please note:

  • Synchronous online classes require students to be present online during the specified time.
  • Asynchronous online classes allow the student to study at their convenience while still meeting class assignment due dates.

CSU Online Course Drop and Withdrawal deadlines and refund policies for 80X sections differ from University deadlines. For additional information, please see CSU Online Drop Policies.

Schedule Changes

Schedule Change Periods

Summer Session 2024 schedule change and course withdrawal deadlines for each course are available in several resources:

  • In RAMweb. Once registered, students can find these dates through the “Weekly Class Schedule” area.
    • Select the “Registered Course Details” link for deadline specifics.
    • Next, select “Summer Session 2024.
  • On the class schedule. Select the “Title” link for the specific course section.
  • Schedule change deadlines for common terms within Summer Session 2024 will be available on the Summer Session Calendar.

Course Drops

Dropping Summer Session Courses

  • Summer course(s) in must be dropped in RAMweb before the specific term begins or during the designated schedule change period.
  • 100% of tuition and specific charges related to a course will be assessed if it is not dropped within the designated drop window.

Please note: 400 series sections in RAMweb may appear as 800 series in Canvas because of merged sections including both CSU Online and CSU degree-seeking students. All sections must be dropped in RAMweb by the appropriate dates as listed in RAMweb through the student’s Weekly Class Schedule window > Registered Course Details link.

    • Main campus students drop all online summer courses in RAMweb.
  • If you are a degree-seeking student or visiting summer-only student enrolled in an online course with a section ID in the numeric (001, 002, etc.) or 400 series (in RAMweb, not Canvas), contact staff in the Registrar’s Office or Office of Financial Aid depending on the nature of your question.
  • If you are a visiting/summer-only student who is only enrolled in online course through CSU Online with a section ID in the 800 series, contact CSU Online with questions.

Using RAMweb to Drop Courses

  • Visit RAMweb and log in;
  • In the “Registration” box, choose the “Go to Registration” link;
  • Continue to the Registration page and select the “Register for Classes” link;
  • On the “Select a Term” page, select the drop-down list:
    • Choose “Summer Session 2024” and “Continue”;
  • On the “Register for Classes” screen, find the “Summary” area, then:
    • Choose the “Drop on web” action for the course you wish to drop, and
    • Select “Submit.”

Course and University Withdrawals

Course Withdrawal Period

  • Tuition and fees are not adjusted for course withdrawals during this period; tuition will be assessed at 100%.
  • During the Course Withdrawal Period, which begins after the Add/Drop Period ends, courses may be dropped and a “W” (withdrawal) will be recorded on the academic record.
  • The Course Withdrawal Period for each course is listed in the course details in RAMweb and is also visible from the RAMweb home page for each student (My Weekly Schedule > Course Details Link).
  • Students complete course withdrawals by course in RAMweb.
  • Requests for course withdrawals after the deadline are considered through the registration appeal process.

Need to withdraw from a course after the deadline? Please review the information on the Registrar’s Registration Changes web resource. For assistance with the implications and next steps, please contact staff in the Office of the Registrar through their Contact Us web page.

University Withdrawals

University Withdrawals are not processed through the CSU Summer office as students may drop or withdraw from each course through RAMweb. Students may check dates and deadlines for each section on their weekly class schedule (Registered Course Details link) from their RAMweb home page.

Additional information is available from Registration Changes, University Withdrawal section.

Registration Appeals

Registration Appeals

Registration appeal requests for courses within the summer term are due to the Registrar’s Office by Friday, August 2, 2024 at 4:30 p.m. Appeal forms are available from the Registrar’s Forms resource and are submitted electronically. The FAQs resource is helpful, and staff in the Registrar’s Office are available to answer questions.

The following information is required for the appeal request:

  1. Registration Appeal Cover Sheet from the Registrar’s website under “Forms.” Download “Registration Appeal.
  2. Student letter to the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Affairs explaining the reason for the appeal.
  3. Instructor document on “Documentation from…” (page 3 of the Registration Appeal download) or letter on departmental letterhead providing information on the student’s academic performance or attendance relevant to the appeal.
  4. Documentation of extenuating circumstances beyond the student’s control (medical documentation, accident report, advisor’s statement, etc.) Medical documentation should be in the form of a letter from a medical provider, not medical records.
  • Course withdrawals after the date listed in RAMweb, up to the Friday of the last week of class (August 2, 2024), can be processed by Office of Registrar staff from a student’s email address or in person (100 Centennial Hall).
  • Course withdrawals after the date listed in RAMweb requested after the Friday of the last week of class may be considered with documentation of extenuating circumstances beyond a student’s control.

Submit appeals to the Registrar’s Office.

An e-mail notification of the appeal decision will be sent to the student’s CSU e-mail account within two to four weeks of receipt of the appeal.

  • All appeal decisions are final.