We’re looking forward to connecting with you for our upcoming online events for spring 2022! 

Summer Session 2022 Roommate Roundups

Please check back in December 2021 for Spring 2022 events.

Learn more at Off-Campus Life’s Summer Housing page

Excelling in Summer Session Workshops

Summer courses condense the 16-week fall or spring semester experience into 4-, 8-, and 12-week, and varying length sessions. The courses move faster–for example, a 3-credit, 4-week course “feels” like 12 credits. This workshop covers specialized strategies for summer academic success which are valuable year-round. We’ll also explore the wide variety of campus resources available for student support.

“Excelling in Summer Session” presentations are typically included in TILT’s Spring Academic Success Workshops. Upcoming dates will be announced early in the Spring 2022 semester.  Vist the current schedule for Academic Success Workshops.

Additional academic resources and tips for a successful summer may be found through Learning Resources.

Summer Session can help you with your goals for making progress toward your degree, academic success, and preparing for your career. To learn more, check out “Why Summer?