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Steady progress. Early completion. Next chapter.

Accelerated Programs are designed for students to supplement fall and spring courses with courses taken over two to three summers. Students can make steady academic progress, complete their degree early, and be on their way to their next chapter in life.

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Participating Colleges

A diverse selection of Accelerated Programs options are offered within:

  • The College Business
  • The College of Health and Human Sciences
  • The College Liberal Arts
  • The College of Natural Sciences
  • Warner College of Natural Resources


The variety of summer terms allow for flexible scheduling. Courses span 4-, 8-, 12-week, and additional-length terms. Online and/or hybrid courses are available within most programs of study. Summer is typically an ideal time to take courses which are experiential, such as service learning, research, and internships, as well as participate in other settings, such as the CSU Mountain Campus and field studies, and through faculty-led education abroad.


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