The course schedule (below) lists courses which may be used to satisfy the All-University Core Curriculum requirements.

Summer Course Schedule

The preliminary course listing for CSU Summer 2020 will be available here on Monday, November 4, 2020.

  • In the meantime, please search the summer 2019 schedule for an idea of classes likely to be offered again in summer 2020.
  • The interactive course schedule is searchable by subject, term, and AUCC category by using the three search buttons.
  • Course listings with additional details are available in RAMweb. Select Menu > Registration > Class Schedule Search > Summer Session 2019.

How to search the AUCC course listings

  • View classes in listings up to one hundred or sort by column headings.
  • Use the search box (below right) to filter courses by subject, words in the course title, specific AUCC category (GT-) and more.
Subject Course Section Title Begin Time End Time Start Date End Date Days

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