Final Exams

All final exams will be given during the term in which the course is taught. Generally, final exams are given on the last day of class.


You may access RAMweb to obtain your grades.  All grades for courses taken during the summer terms (4-, -8, 12-week terms and varying length terms) must be submitted no later than 2:00 pm the Tuesday after the conclusion of the summer session (Tuesday, August 7, 2018). Grades will be available in RAMweb on Wednesday, August 8, 2018.

Instructors have the option to submit grades for courses completed earlier in the summer session at the end of the term in which the course was offered. Grades submitted earlier than the end-of-summer deadline are posted each Thursday evening throughout the summer session.


Official transcripts may be ordered online, in-person, or by mail. For information about cost and delivery methods or times, visit the Registrar’s website:  Transcripts. Before ordering your official transcripts, check your unofficial transcript on RAMweb or RAMrecords to be sure your grades and/or degree conferral are listed. Official transcripts cannot be released if you have financial holds.

You Really Should Read This!

If you enroll in a summer course and you do not attend the class, you will be charged tuition and fees unless you drop the course by the drop deadline for the course. You can view this deadline and more on your RAMweb by clicking on “Full Weekly Class Schedule” at the bottom of your homepage. On the next page, choose the term and select “Registered Courses.” The deadlines are listed in red below each course you are registered for.

See Cancellation/Add-Drop/Withdrawal for  details.