Academic Programs

New Opportunities for Summer Session 2024

Honors Summer Seminars

Now open to all students!

The Honors summer seminars are open to all students, regardless of whether they are in the Honors program. These courses combine lessons with high-level discussion and local cultural outings. Students who did not know about or consider Honors when they entered CSU can experience this opportunity through summer session.
View the courses offered in Summer 2024.

• HONR 292B fulfills the AUCC Arts and Humanities requirement. Students can email Pamela Vaughan Knaus to request a prerequisite override.
• Students interested in HONR 392 will contact to request a prerequisite override.

President's Leadership Program: Summer Session

Now open to all students!

Are you looking to fast-track your progress in obtaining a leadership minor? Consider joining the President’s Leadership Program – Summer Session! This program is perfect for students who missed out on registering or took a semester off to study abroad. If you are interested in taking two leadership classes online during the PLP Summer Session, you can start or continue your leadership journey today. The two classes, culminating in four credits and a leadership certificate, will take place May 13 through June 9 and June 10 through July 7, respectively. Join a call to lead this summer by completing a courses toward a leadership minor or certificate!

Additional Unique Experiential Opportunities

Environmental Humanities at the CSU Mountain Campus

Now open to all students!

Environmental Humanities is offered by the College of Liberal Arts and includes Art in Forest Systems (ART 380A5), Environmental History of Colorado (HIST 373), and Environmental Philosophies (PHIL 245, AUCC). Students may take any or all of the two-week, three-credit courses.

Bridge Scholars

The program is designed to assist students, especially those from first-generation and underrepresented backgrounds, in making a successful transition to Colorado State University.

Education Abroad

Undergraduate and Post-Graduate Programs

Imagine where you can study abroad in Summer Session 2024: Search Programs

Education Abroad: Research, Internships, and Service Learning

Undergraduate and Post-Graduate Programs

Looking for service-learning credit courses or non-credit experiences to match your goals this summer? View the Education Abroad opportunities for Research, Internship, or Service Learning for Transfer Credit and learn about the benefits and rewards of getting involved.

English Language Instruction

Students and Campus or Community Members

Weekly classes throughout the entire year offer help with language skills, insight into American customs, and a place to share cultural experiences.

Office of Undergraduate Research and Artistry (OURA)

Research opportunities are numerous in summer. Talk with your academic advisor/academic support coordinator, faculty in your department, and/or student ambassador in the Office for Undergraduate Research and Artistry (OURA) to explore summer research options.

Office of Undergraduate Research and Artistry (OURA): Community Engaged Learning

Community Engaged Learning includes direct service with community-based organizations, research, teaching, advocacy, creative work, organizing and activism, and other activities taken with or at the request of community partners.