The Department of Mathematics at Colorado State University offers Math Placement Exams and the (PACe) Program.

Mathematics Placement Examination

Satisfactory performance on the Colorado State Mathematics Placement Examination (MPE) is the prerequisite for the beginning mathematics courses MATH 101, MATH 105 and MATH 117. Students who do not have transferable credit in math from another college, university or the Advanced Placement or IB Examinations will need to take a CSU placement exam to satisfy course prerequisites. Prerequisites are strictly enforced in all mathematics courses. Students should visit the MPE website for more information and to determine their testing options. Questions may be directed to the PACe Office at (970) 491-5761.

Pre-Calculus Mathematics: MATH 117-126

The PACe Center

At Colorado State University, pre-calculus mathematics is taught through an innovative instructional program that uses a mastery approach to learning. Instructional video lectures and lecture notes are provided using distance delivery technologies. In addition, students interact with course assistants one-on-one in the PACe Learning Center (Weber Building, Room 136).

Although much of the coursework can be completed remotely, students registered for section 001 are required to pass a sequence of proctored exams in the PACe Testing Center (Weber Building, Room 138) on campus. Students must submit successfully completed assignments on a strictly enforced schedule. The PACe courses cover topics in College Algebra, Logarithmic and Exponential Functions, and Numerical and Analytic Trigonometry. Each course is worth one University credit, and students will typically register for several courses within a single semester.

PACe Center Summer Hours

The PACe Center will be open during the following summer 2018 hours:

  • May 14 – June 8: Monday – Friday; 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon
  • June 11 – August 3: Monday – Friday; 9:00 a.m. – 1:15 p.m.

Online Sections

Students who need a fully remote/online version of these courses should register for section 401 using RAMweb.  Students enrolled in section 401 may use a webcam or authorized proctor to take exams. The PACe Center is available for tutoring assistance or to take exams.


  • The 401 sections of MATH 117, 118, 124, 125, and 126 require two exams supervised by a University-authorized proctor.
  • If students use ProctorU, the CSU University Testing Center, or the CSU PACe Center there are no proctoring fees assessed.
  • If a student uses other outside proctoring agencies, the student is responsible for any associated fees.

IMPORTANT: Register for only section 001, or only section 401 of these courses. That is, do NOT register for a mixture of on-campus and remotely-completed sections.