Applying to CSU

You can apply for admission as a degree-seeking student beginning with a summer term. Admission consideration requires:

  • An application for admission,
  • An application fee or approved fee waiver,
  • Official transcript(s), and
  • A personal statement and recommendation(s); this varies by applicant type.

Undergraduate Admission

  • Undergraduate application guides and access to the online application are available online.
  • Complete applications submitted by March 1 receive decisions before the opening of summer course registration at noon on Tuesday, March 26, 2019.
  • Applications are considered on a rolling basis through June.
  • Refer to our returning undergraduate information if you were previously enrolled as a degree-seeking CSU undergraduate and wish to return to degree-seeking status.
  • Contact Admissions if you have questions about the undergraduate admission process.

Graduate Admission

  • Graduate admission information should be sought directly from the academic department(s) you are considering.
  • Former CSU graduate students returning to degree-seeking status must submit the GS Form 1B to their academic department.
  • Contact Admissions if you have questions about the graduate admission process.

Additional Options

You can enroll as a non-degree Summer-Only/Summer Session student if you do not wish to pursue a CSU degree.